New service capillary distribution of food products

NAMI LOGISTICS has offered its customers a new service - capillary distribution of food products in the cold supply chain as an added value to its logistics services. Capillary distribution is another segment in NAMI LOGISTICS 'offer that was missing to complete the logistics offer for all clients. "Today we can say with certainty that NAMI LOGISTICS can offer any logistics service for any type of goods - starting from the customs brokerage service, through its registered customs warehouses, warehousing and storage of goods in ambient warehouses with registered veterinary control number, service in warehouses with temperature regimes -refrigerators for refrigerated goods (from 0 ° C to + 4 ° C or + 8 ° C to + 12 ° C) refrigerators for deep-frozen goods (-25 ° C), through the service of warehousing logistics, capillary distribution - delivery of goods directly to the customer, return logistics. " - said Oliver Petrovic, Sales and Operations Director of NAMI LOGISTICS, presenting the company's portfolio.

“An efficient supply chain can no longer function without digital transformation, stable ERP systems, WMS and TMS systems, prediction tools that provide real-time efficiency and traceability. We have been guided by this throughout our development and because of that we can say we have a stable system that manages all our logistics operations. Together with our business partners, we have developed warehouse management systems and fleet of delivery vehicles according to our needs. In the realization of our requests for the development of religious solutions, we work with the software company from Belgrade "SmartBit", whose religious solutions we use WMS and TMS from the beginning until today. We also use the NTS vehicle tracking system in our daily work," Petrovic added.

With its fleet, through three distribution centers (Belgrade, Nis and Cacak), NAMI LOGISTICS reaches every place in Serbia every day - up to over 6,500 unloading places. Thus, the traceability of goods has been completed from the moment it is received and stored, to the moment when it is delivered to the customer according to all standards of the quality management system and food safety ISO 9001 and HACCP.

"Our employees easily manage the solution of daily requests of our customers by using the benefits of software solutions in all temperature regimes and all warehouses on over 10,870 pallet places in the distribution center in Belgrade. The digital tools we use help employees do their jobs, but logistics certainly remains a sector in which people are the key factor. ”- continued the Director of Sales and Operations of NAMI LOGISTICS.

"Modern IT solutions, distribution cross dock centers (Belgrade, Nis, Cacak), well-equipped fleet of delivery vehicles with two different temperature regimes in the same cargo space, as well as professional and educated staff, make NAMI LOGISTICS a reliable logistics partner of renowned world and domestic companies justifying its slogan "RPRP (Reliable Partner = Real Partner)".

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