Company policy

NAMI Ltd. builds its business success, growth and improves satisfaction and motivation of all users and employees by accomplishing its strategic aims, which are:

  • Always high level quality and safety of all services,
  • The constant rise of total satisfaction of customers by meeting their requirements and expectations,
  • Consistent storage process control, handling and distribution and management in order to fully meet the requirements of clients and all relevant regulations in order to eliminate risks regarding safety and health of people,
  • Continued investment in the development and improvement of technical equipment,
  • Training of employees and increasing their creativity and initiative,
  • Constant increasing of efficiency and effectiveness of work processes and increasing the overall profitability of the business,
  • Creating, maintaining and developing fair partnerships with suppliers and customers.

In fulfilling this objective, all employees give their personal contribution by introduction, consistent application and constant improvement:
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Systems
according to the principles of the HACCP system,
in accordance with the requirements of CAC / RCP 1-1969 including:
Good Storage Practice (GSP) and Good Hygienic Practice (GHP).