About Us

Nami Company Ltd. was founded in 1992 in Belgrade and it has been operating successfully for more decades. We are located at the entrance to Belgrade, close to the Novi Sad highway, very near to the future Belgrade bypass around Batajnica and the future cargo center Batajnica.

Four logistic centers are located in the area of over 10 000 m2, on the whole being able to store every product.

Frozen products can be stored in warehouse of refrigerator trucks (frozen meat, fish, seafood, ice cream, fruit and vegetables, frozen dough ...), products requiring ambient temperature or temperature at +0 C can be stored in combined warehouse, other products such as textiles, household appliances, detergents and cosmetics can be stored in the third warehouse and in the fourth warehouse raw materials for the alimentary industry, or chemical industry are stored.

Currently we have 10 870 pallet places in high-rack warehouses. They are all equipped with high palette shelves, completely covered with AP technology and RF technology, equipped with WMS system for managing warehouse. Each warehouse has new warehouse equipment! Warehouse forklifts are of the latest generation of Junghenrich, RF device, loading - unloading ramps and lifting tables and special software solutions for the storage of various goods and all with modern WMS software of renowned company  “SmartBit” from Belgrade.

The aim and the company's motto is RPRP - "Reliable Partner - Real Partner". We want to provide our partners a complete focus on their core business either in production or sale and we take over all activities of the logistics works so that we can together achieve their goals or enable our partners to focus on their core business and thus come to a satisfied final user. Such a decision was dictated by the global trends that indicate the specialization of the company.

Our desire is that Nami logistics become one of the best and most reliable partners in Serbia in the area of warehouse logistics, distribution, spedition and transport. We accomplish that with daily professional work and with proper approach to solving even the smallest problems as well as with continuous education and training of our entire team. In this way we are able to offer all our customers and future partners a strategic partnership with a high level of knowledge!