Storage – custom and veterinary warehouse

NAMI Logistics is able to offer a complete logistics service for its clients, and besides storage of goods in controlled temperature regime it also offers services of handling, commissioning, labeling, declaring, macro-commissioning, inventory, reverse logistics, customs brokerage, distribution and organization of international transport of goods.

All logistics centers have:

  • 10000 square meters of storage capacity;
  • 10870 pallet positions in high-rack warehouse;
  • 1.430 square meters of office space;
  • Storage is equipped with WMS (software for stock management - goods in the warehouse). Storage height is between 10 and 12 meters.

Under one "roof" and in separate storages the following goods cay be stored:

  • 500 square meters for chemical goods (cosmetics, detergents ...)
  • 1000 square meters for the "dry" - alimentary goods
  • 1000 Square meters for "dry" - non-alimentary goods
  • 1000 square meters for alimentary goods with a temperature of 2 º C +6 º C
  • 2000 square meters for the goods with a temperature of - 25 º C
  • 500 square meters for animal or pets food
  • 2000 square meters for ambient alimentary goods
  • 570 square meters of reception / dispatch department-expedit with loading and unloading ramps and tables for loading into vans.
  • 1.430 square meters of offices (all offices are centrally air-conditioned, woth phones, internet ...)
  • 20 loading-unloading ramps (permissible load of 8 tons per ramp)

The warehouse is registered as a public custom warehouse, we are authorized consignees which helps our clients a lot in the work itself because the truck with the goods, after crossing the state border, is pointed straight to our warehouse to unload, without passing through the customs terminal. It is much faster and it reduces the time of unloading and preparation of customs documentation and thereby reducing costs to the benefit of our clients.

Also, we are registered veterinary warehouse for the storage of foods of animal origin, warehouses for reexport of foods of animal origin with the Ministry of Agriculture veterinary department, and as such we have veterinary control number. We are also a registered warehouse for the storage of foods for animals - pets in all storage modes.

Warehouses are managed via WMS - the software through which you manage the warehouse and monitor a complete traceability of goods since the announcement of receipt of goods to the exit of goods from our warehouses by any storage standards (fifo, fefo) following parameters such as: expiration date, date of manufacture, series, expires, through integrated standards HACCP, ISO9001/2008.

  • There is a possibility of expansion with the construction of another modern logistics center with 20000 pallet places.
  • The entire logistics center complex has a 24 hour physical professional security and monitoring as well as video surveillance. The space is fenced and lighted and we specifically take care of its security.